Once influencers got accepted to participate in one of your campaigns, they are obliged to deliver posts in line with your campaign briefing. The linkr platform will automatically send delivery reminders to influencers. 

Once posted, influencers will register their post on linkr and you will be able to see these posts on the Posts & Payments screen. You have the possibility to apply additional filters such as grouping per channel (e.g. only show posts on YouTube), campaign (e.g. only show posts from the Spring 18 campaign) or many more.

For each post, we will list basic information, such as the channel it was posted on, the influencer who posted it, date posted and a link to the post itself so you can check it out for yourself. We do also provide additional performance metrics such as views, likes and comments that the post did get. Please note that there can be a bit of latency when it comes to performance metrics' accuracy


In case you did define a cash compensation for the influencer as part of your campaign briefing (or did accept such a proposal from an influencer in a cooperation request), linkr will automatically recognise this and calculate the resulting payout amount. You can conveniently payout influencers directly from the Posts & Payments screen (note: you will need a credit card) either one by one or in bulk mode. Right after payment, linkr will send a tax invoice for each transaction straight to your inbox.

In case you are not satisfied with the work of a particular influencer, you have the possibility to reject payment. When clicking the reject payment button, a pop-up will show, asking you to specify what exactly your claim is (please be precise here). The influencer will automatically notified and given the chance to apply corrective action. The influencer will then have to re-register the post to allow you to pay out the corresponding compensation.

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