There are 2 ways influencers can apply to work with you and your brand on linkr:

  1. Campaign Application: This is when an influencer applies to participate in one of the campaigns you've published on the linkr network. By applying, the influencer has already accepted the terms and conditions you have set in your campaign briefing. You can decide if you would like to accept or decline the application.
  2. Cooperation Request: This is an individual cooperation proposal from an influencer, outside of any other campaigns you might have running at the time. The terms and conditions are set by the influencer in their proposal and it is up to you to accept or decline the request under these terms.
    Note: linkr also allows you as a brand to send individual proposals (cooperation requests) to influencers.

Both cooperation types are added to your Manage Cooperations Screen, providing you with a central overview of all cooperations with influencers on linkr. 

The Manage Cooperations Screen is divided in 3 main sections / tabs:

  • Created Cooperations: This tab will list all cooperations which you have initiated / created. This includes both applications from influencers to campaigns you have published as well as individual cooperation proposals you have sent to influencers.
  • Received Cooperations: Lists all cooperations which have been initiated by influencers - i.e. individual cooperation proposals you did receive.
  • All Relationships: Shows both of the above in one, centralised view.

Alongside with status information on the cooperation, you will find performance metrics on the influencer as well as the defined / requested compensation.

Furthermore, you are able to check the social profiles of each influencer or even personally chat with each applicant to clarify any pending questions.

Pro-tip: this blog post lists a couple of key areas to take into consideration when it comes to deciding who's application to accept and who's not.

Let's have a quick look at the Key Elements of the Influencer Cooperation List:

  1. You can use filters to narrow down the list of displayed cooperations - e.g. only show YouTube or only show applications for the "summer sale campaign".
  2. Check the social profiles of the influencer and have a look at key metrics such as audience size or average engagement on the most recent posts.
  3. Click here to check the details, terms and conditions of this particular cooperation request
  4. This lists the influencer compensation set for this cooperation. Compensation can be cash (e.g. $ x for a post, story, etc), free product samples (sample value automatically subtracted from required cash compensation) or a combination of the previously listed methods.
  5. This show the average rating that this influencer did receive from other brands on linkr. Please note that also influencers will rate you and your brand at the end of each cooperation.
  6. In case you have questions to a specific influencer or if there are further details to clarify, you can use the built-in chat.
  7. Finally, based on all data at hand, you need to decide whether or not you'd like to accept or decline the cooperation request. Either way, the influencer will receive a notification, informing them about your choice. You will have the opportunity to customise the notification before it is being sent to the influencer. 

Note on product samples: If free product samples are part of the campaign, then the influencer will select their color, size, etc. of choice during the campaign application / request submission process. Also, influencers will leave their shipping address. 

Once you choose to accept the cooperation request, you will see the required shipping details on Order Manager.

For Shopify merchants that did connect their Shopify store, linkr will automatically push an order with all required shipping details to your store.

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