Most influencer campaigns involve sending samples to selected influencers. This usually leads to marketers having to mail back and forth with influencers on which products have been selected, which size, color, fabric,... is needed, whether or not that particular selection is still on stock, which address to ship it to, etc.

linkr takes a different approach by letting you enter / import product description and availability data on the Product Manager. These products can then be added to a campaign during the campaign setup process. 

When influencers apply to the campaign, selecting samples for them is turned into some sort of a shopping experience. Like an online shop, linkr doesn't let them choose a SKU you no longer have on stock, doesn't let them choose more than the limits you did set,... Also, capturing of the shipping address is part of the influencer application process.

Here's how you setup products on the linkr Product Manager:

1 - For Shopify merchants

If you're a Shopify merchant and have the linkr Sales Channel App installed, you can simply sync-over selected products to linkr. To do so, switch to the linkr Sales Channel App. On there, click "Add Products".

A popup will open that allows you to either sync all of your products over to linkr or to manually pick individual products you would like to see synced.  

In case of individual products, the native product bulk editor on Shopify will open. Here you can set which products shall be available on linkr selecting the "Availability - linkr" field and then ticking the checkbox next to each product you'd like to sync over. 

Once done, product information as well as availabilities will automatically keep in sync between linkr and your Shopify store.

In case of very large inventory, for reasons of performance and better overview, we would recommend to only sync the products you'll need for your campaigns, instead of moving your entire inventory.

2 - For other Shop systems

If your store doesn't run on Shopify, you can either setup products manually - which takes roughly a minute per products - or upload a CSV file, in case you need to setup a larger amount of products.

For uploading CSV files, please check our CSV Import Tutorial.
To manually add a product, click "Create new product".

The product details screen for a new product will open. On there, you can set basic product information such as description, images, category but also SKU specific information such as color, size, availability. In addition, you can define which countries you're shipping products to as well as setting a URL back to the product page on your store.

Make sure to click "SAVE" and "ACTIVATE" the product. Deactivated products are neither usable in campaigns and cooperations nor visible to influencers.

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