On the "Discover Products" menu item you can look for your favourite brands  and request your own cooperation.


1. Go to "Discover Porducts" on your menu bar
2. Choose a brand you like from the given list and click on it

3. All available products for cooperations will appear next to it. Choose your favourite product by clicking the mintgreen button "Request Cooperation" underneath the product:

4. Choose "Select this sample" and size if this is applicable on the popup:

5. After this step, check your shipping address and edit if necessary. Don´t forget to click "Done" after editing your address and then confirm your address details:

6. Describe on the next screen your campaign offer in detail and submit it
7. Confirm your request on the popup and you are done! Once your request sits under "My Cooperations" on your menu bar, the application went through and the brand will either accept or decline your cooperation request within 1 week.

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