After you have applied for a specific cooperation on linkr it sits under the menu item "Manage Cooperations": 

  • You have sent proposal? Then it sits under "Created Cooperations"
  • You applied for a cooperation through "Discover Cooperations"? Then your application sits under "Received Cooperations"

If the brands logo does not show up there, the application did not go through as you might have forgotten one step in the application process

After the application deadline, the brand gives feedback to you by either approving or declining your application: Additionally an email goes out to you with specific feedback, why your application was declined or approved.

After approval:

1. If required in the posting requirements, check the personalised link you should use for the cooperation. You can find it either on "Manage Cooperations" next to your accepted cooperation or on your linkr "chat".

2. Before your posting goes online, make sure you have read all posting requirements to not miss out on any details which you accepted by applying for the cooperation. Find all posting requirements under "Manage cooperations" next to the brand´s logo (text in mint green showing the name of the cooperation).

3. In case the brand wants to approve your content before the posting, please make sure to upload the required content under the linkr menu item "Posts/Content" on time.

If this is NOT required: upload your post on linkr after you have posted on the required social channel on the required dates to inform the brand automatically that your posting is done as required.

4. Once uploaded, the brand will check your post. In case the post did not entirely fulfill the posting requirements, the brand will reach out to you via linkr chat. 

If the posting requirements are not fulfilled as required, you will not get the compensation as stated. Therefore ONLY apply if you can hold the posting dates/timings as well as ALL requirements in the cooperations briefing. If not, please do not apply!

5. The compensation will be transferred via linkr to your PayPal account after the campaign at the end of the following month. Please notice that we take a 15% provision cut of your compensation.

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