Step 1:

To get started with importing products via CSV, go to the Product Manager on linkr.
There, click "Upload products via CSV"

A pop-up will open that allows you to download a sample CSV file.

Note: it is mandatory to stick to the structure provided in the sample CSV for the linkr product upload to succeed.

Hint: All shop systems typically provide functionality to export product data as CSV files. You can open these files with applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers. Those applications will allow you to manipulate the CSV files to match the linkr format (see sample CSV above) and save them.

Step 2: 

Click Upload to begin uploading your CSV file.

linkr will parse the first line of your file and provide you with a preview, allowing you to apply corrections before your file is actually processed.
Check if values from your sheet (1 in below screenshot) have been mapped to the correct fields.

In addition to this manual sense-check, linkr will automatically test your CSV file against the linkr format and provide you with its findings (2 in below screenshot).

Once you're good with what you see, click Upload. Otherwise click close and apply the necessary corrections to your CSV file.

Step 3:

Your file will start being processed. Subject to the amount of products and SKUs your CSV file holds, this might take a little while.

Upon completion, the upload process will display a brief summary of products and SKUs created / updated

Product Updates:

The linkr CSV Import Assistant supports product updates. If you would like to bulk update a specific value or correct an error that happened during import, you can simply correct your CSV and re-upload it. Please note that the Product Code will act as a unique identifier - i.e. based on the Product Code, the existing product will be overwritten with values from the updated CSV file.

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