Once you have accepted a campaign application or cooperation proposal from an influencer, the Posts and  Content Screen will list all upcoming deliverables  for this particular cooperation with status planned.

You can view deliverables in either List View (as shown above) or alternatively switch to a Calendar View (as shown below).

As soon as a post or a piece of content has been delivered, the status will switch from planned to

  • either published: meaning that the post has been published on the respective social profile by the influencer
  • or review: meaning that you have requested the ability to review and approve the post or content before it is being published or accepted.

In case of status published, you will have the chance to review post details on linkr or directly jump to the post on the respective social profile by clicking the provided link.

In case of status review, you are requested to either approve or reject the submitted post or content.

As soon as all deliverables for a particular cooperation have been approved or published, the cooperation will become payable on the Cooperation Payment Screen.

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