1. Product reviews: ask an influencer to provide an honest review of your product on their social media profile. Important is that the influencer really informs their audience about your product. If they love it ask them why, is it the material? The unique design? (tip: if the influencer receives your product and does not like it, politely ask them to send it back to you and offer them the chance to select a different product).
  2. Brand story on a blog: is your brand story really unique? Then ask the influencer to write a blog post about it. Good blog posts are quite a bit of work so  you will likely need to pay a fixed fee. However the content, SEO and traffic benefits can be massive.
  3. Discount action: want to boost short term revenue quickly? Use a limited time discount code to convert followers into buyers. Send free samples to influencers and ask them to let their audience know the product can be purchased at a discount only by using the code.
  4. Look-books: work with a set of influencers (i.e. 5 to 10) to create image or video content specifically for a look book. This usually involves inviting the influencers to a studio and setting up a day of shooting to generate high quality content that can be used on specific web pages or social profile. This is also a great way to build long term relationship with the influencer.
  5. YouTube haul: YouTube influencers frequently post hauls where they show their most recent purchases. Reach out to influencers that fit your brand and offer to sponsor some products for their next haul.
  6. Lottery: give an influencer a number of free products which they can use in a lottery for their audience. Influencers love giving something to their audience as it increases their engagement and your brand will benefit from the positive exposure.
  7. YouTube unboxing video: reach out to a YouTube influencer to do a dedicated unboxing video of your product. This works especially well if the packaging of your product is well designed.
  8. Ambassador selection: acting as a kind of contest, you can ask influencers to submit their best content for you to select a set of influencers with which to build a longer term cooperation (usually under contract).
  9. Favourite products list: ask influencers to select their favourite 2, 5, 10 (or any other number) of products from your brand. Goal is to have the influencer present their favourite list of products from you to their audience.
  10. Social media takeover: ask an influencer to take over your social media profile for a certain amount of time. The influencer will bring new followers from their audience to your profile and be very motivated to generate great content which will help make your social media profile feel very authentic and boot engagement.
  11. Influencer inspired product: more and more brands are asking influencers to become involved in the design process. As the influencer has in-depth knowledge of what their audience likes they can often provide new ideas or direction to your product lines. Besides if the new product or collection is co-branded with the influencer they are very motivated to promote your brand and their products as much as possible.
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