After you have been accepted for a cooperation (you can check the status of your application under "My cooperations") and have delivered your post as requested by the brand, you will be paid out at the end of the following month after the campaign has taken place.


If you have been part of a campaign in April (official end posting date of the campaign needs to be in April too) you will be paid out at the end of May.

The payment will be automatically transferred on your PayPal account.
Please make sure to insert your Paypal details under "Profile" on linkr to be paid out on time:

Payment confirmation/receipt

When your payment is happening you will receive a PayPal payment confirmation/receipt via email. Additionally, you will receive a breakdown of all your earnings on linkr at the end of each month.

Commission linkr

linkr will keep a 15% commission of the agreed compensation during payout.
Example: If the screen shows you 150 EUR compensation, we keep 22,50 EUR (= 15% commission) and you will receive 127,50 EUR payout.

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