There you can see for what cooperation you have applied for. Click in the column "Cooperations" the words "Show" to see in detail the status of your request. The status is either

  • pending approval from brand (always after application)
  • accepted or
  • rejected

Underneath the column "Cooperation Name" you can find again the "Posting Requirements" which will be helpful for you to look at once the brand has accepted your application. 

Also, in case you want or need to talk to the brand (e.g. because the sample might not have arrived on time or you got ill and can´t post on time), feel free to reach out to it via "Chat". Just click on the mintgreen word "Chat" on the very righthand side:

Once accepted or rejected by the brand, you will be additionally notified via mail by Therefore please make sure we don´t end up with this email address in your spam.

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